Thursday, October 9, 2014

Denise Bossarte is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Bagby State Park 06 By Denise Bossarte

© Crossroads 03 By Denise Bossarte

© Fort Meyers Sunset 01 By Denise Bossarte

"My photography is in the Miksang Contemplative Photography style. Miksang photography is a Shambhala Buddhist Contemplative practice that focuses on direct perception of the world, without conceptualizations; it is photography that connects the photographer with non-conceptual awareness. 

Often with this type of photography, the photographer will be stopped in their tracks by perceptions that completely interrupt the flow of mental activity, that freeze them in the moment. The craft is to capture that moment with the camera so that people viewing the photographs can then have the same experience.

With Miksang photography, there is no staging; no altering of the environment, the shot, or the images before, during, or after the shot is taken. What you see in these images is what I saw at the moment I took the pictures." - Denise Bossarte

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