Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bulgaria Artist Profile: Slav Krivoshiev

Style: mythological constructivism   I  define art that is created as a social myth.  Constructive basis is the mythological story, a fragment or a reference to certain mythological hero, passage or detail, but considered in the problems of the modern social environment, resulting in a new mythological experience, a new reflection, the result of a new social environment, where a person lives, seeking and developing. Or the environment in which obliged to live, according to the circumstances are obviously controlled social power, but he often monitor and control them (the circumstances). Psycho-social myth of modern man. Art which has claim do not give the answer, and ask precise questions to the problems of modern life.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Australian Artist Yelena Dyumin

Small Paper Pigeons
Art is, by its nature, a reflection of the way we think and feel.  My paintings express my thoughts and emotion blended with an interpretation of our physical world. Vibrant colors and a strong design sense co-exist with humor and compassion to create varied pieces with a universal and timeless appeal.  I’m most passionate about painting and drawing and have been involved with the two since childhood. I’ve always loved the experience of losing myself in thought and diving into the world of art and imagination. This creative introspection allows me to produce art that is not only beautiful, but one-of-a-kind. I’ve been told again and again that this uncanny ability to illustrate the exceptional beauty of everyday life is what makes my artwork lovable.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Digging into the Beauty of Life with Visual Language Artist of the Day Kit Hevron Mahoney

© Copper Medley By Kit Hevron Mahoney

© Morning In Aries By Kit Hevron Mahoney
© Colorado Gold By Kit Hevron Mahoney

"As an artist I find that my work is ever evolving. It is a continual process of reinventing myself in this rapidly changing world where new ideas and possibilities are constantly flowing in. I began painting in pastels, which allowed me to paint and draw at the same time. From there I moved to oils where I created impressionistic representational imagery with brush and palette knife from images photographed in my many travels. I have now added the expression of abstraction where I play with the elements of color, light, shape and texture and composition. All of my work is a joyous and challenging expression, as it requires the painting to come from within." - Kit Hevron Mahoney

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rest in the Beauty of Art by Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day Valerie Travers

© Dramatic End by Valerie Travers
© Reflections by Valerie Travers
© Softly Softly by Valerie Travers
The Island of Guernsey, second largest of the Channel Islands, is where I live with my two sons and where I feel most comfortable. This is home, my roots are deeply embedded here.  
 Art is second nature to me, enabling a connection to the bigger picture and is also a way of expressing myself through colour and texture. I have many other outlets for my creativity, but art has been my main focus for the past twenty years.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Visual Language Artist of the Day Niki Gulley

© Autumn Crescendo By Niki Gulley

"At an early age, having found that the grandeur of nature has the ability to uplift the soul, my feet became set upon the path that would guide my artistic life. This emotional view of the world is something that I’ve tried to translate through my canvas so that the viewer can journey with me. Having been inspired by the impressionists, I strive to capture the vibrant energy and intrinsic beauty of our natural surroundings." - Niki Gulley
© Swimming in Circles By Niki Gulley

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Waving Colors, Designs in Motion, Visual Language Artist of the Day Bob Coonts.

© Big Ben By Bob Coonts

© Four Fouls By Bob Coonts

© Mountain Wildflower By Bob Coonts

"Colors, as used by the Fauvists, the challenge of composition and the excitement of discovery impact my work and style.  Animals, plants, landscapes and people provide a wealth of subject matter.  Combining a sense of warmth, graceful movements and detail give release to a style bordering on abstract by reflecting a true image." 

- Bob Coonts

Monday, April 27, 2015

Color on Color, Life in Layers... Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day Annie O'Brien Gonzales

© Charming Afternoon By Annie O'Brien Gonzales

© Gorgeous By Annie O'Brien Gonzales
© Acequia #2 By Annie O'Brien Gonzales

Annie O'Brien Gonzales studied painting and art history at Oregon State University. Proficient in oil, acrylic, and mixed media, she is a colorist who creates expressive images inspired by nature. She has appeared in numerous shows throughout the West and her work is in private collections across the country.