Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day is Arena Shawn

© Sunkissed By Arena Shawn

© Summer Glow By Arena Shawn

© River's End By Arena Shawn

In her pursuit of art, Arena tries to use brush and paints to reflect the quiet lights, subtle colors and playful shapes exhibited by seemingly mundane, everyday objects. Striving for the emotional quality of every piece she has created, Arena hopes that her work would be able to reach out and connect with their viewers, evoking the sense of wonder and awe of our everyday life that are so often taken as granted. Her primary working methods involves direct application of wet watercolor to saturated paper surface to create the fluidic appearance and organic patterns that borderlines representational and abstract nature, with special attentions paid to create strong value patterns and varied edge quality.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Visual Language Artist of the Day is Beverly Fagan Gilbertson

© Big Floral By Beverly Fagan Gilbertson

© Marbilicious By Beverly Fagan Gilbertson

© Pink Tulips On Yellow By Beverly Fagan Gilbertson

Beverly Fagan Gilbertson’s distinctive signature appears on her works of art, which are displayed in regional U.S. galleries and in private collections worldwide.  Fagan paints mainly in water media. Recently, she began adding oil paintings to her body of work. Finished pieces range from 2.5” x 3.5” miniatures to larger paintings (36” x 48”). Contact her to discuss the possibility of a custom project.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Laura Reed is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© View From The Top By Laura Reed

© Lost By Laura Reed

© Prism By Laura Reed

Laura is a mixed-media artist living in Sarasota, FL. She has been an artist her entire life, beginning in second grade with a drawing of Popeye. She has explored many mediums, including silk screening, gourd crafting and watercolor painting, until arriving at her current explorations of mixed-media abstract.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Debra Hurd

© Music Guys By Debra Hurd

© Determination By Debra Hurd

© Decision By Debra Hurd

"A very ordinary scene can be perceived differently when painted with a bit of exaggerated color and awareness of light.  The ordinary then becomes extraordinary." - Debra Hurd

Saturday, July 27, 2013

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Angela Sullivan

© Hangin By Angela Sullivan

© My Friends and I By Angela Sullivan

© A Spray of Color By Angela Sullivan

"I am a painter of beautiful things. I have been painting for about 18 years but have devoted myself to painting daily since 2009. My style is mostly loose and free.  I am from the deep south and speak with that all too familiar southern drawl. I have always had a love for art. When I was little I would color for hours. I created paper dolls and then later made quilts. My mother worked in a sewing factory and my father was a carpenter. They taught me values like to treat people with respect and that I can do or become anything I want to be. They were right. I hope you enjoy your visit here as I share with you my paintings which come from the heart. I am glad you stopped by. I live to make my world a better place to be" - Angela Sullivan

Friday, July 26, 2013

Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day is Jimmy Longacre

© Autumn Mood By Jimmy Longacre

© Driftwood Post Office By Jimmy Longacre

© RisingUp By Jimmy Longacre

"I describe my painting style as Subjective Realism.  Although my paintings are representational, based upon the things around us, I’m not really interested in giving a literal account of  “reality” as I find it.  My desire is to apply design and color to induce a more poetic experience that will resonate with inner feeling. I aim to manipulate the visual vocabulary of light, shadow and form in a way that touches intuition and emotion.  My paintings call for your personal participation.  My greatest satisfaction is in seeing them find a place with those who decide they want to live with them." - Jimmy Longacre

Thursday, July 25, 2013

VL Artist of the Day is Artspan Artist Ricci Victorio

© Marina Boats By Ricci Victorio

© In The Flow By Ricci Victorio

© Bee-ing In The Cosmos By Ricci Victorio

"My paintings are an improvisation. The very act of painting is joyful, spontaneous and physical (like acting or dance) especially with the larger paintings. I paint to music, mostly Italian operas and have found I am emotionally attached to each one. Paintings are taken from my photographs and each photo calls for different brushes, techniques and style. I love how color and light plays upon various subjects."
 - Ricci Victorio

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Texas Artist Sheri Jones is Visual Language Artist of the Day

© Spring Scene By Sheri Jones

© Art Gallery By Sheri Jones

© September Morning By Sheri Jones

"Painting in the great outdoors creates an excitement within me that results in a fun dance with the brush or palette knife.  Creating still lifes in the studio gives me control over color, shape, form and design.  My result is an explosion of color and energy. It's an exhilarating and challenging adventure. I am inspired with the process and my gratitude to God for the artistic drive he has given me." 
 -Sheri Jones

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Artspan Artist Denice Peters is VL Magazine Artist of the DAy

© Below Strawberry Falls By Denice Peters

© Impending By Denice Peters

© A Summers Welcome By Denice Peters

"Painting landscapes is my passion.  I feel empty without art.  And, I am always amazed at the beauty around us, everyday.  God has created a wonderful world for us to enjoy.  Many of us today overlook the things we see each day, and if my work brings a little appreciation of nature and our place in it, then I feel I’ll have succeeded."  - Denice Peters

Monday, July 22, 2013

Visual Language Artist of the Day is Artspan Artist Lisa Crisman

© The Backyard By Lisa Crisman

© Over The Rainbow By Lisa Crisman

© The Ruby Slippers By Lisa Crisman

"I live and breath art, and dream about it when  I'm supposed to be sleeping." - Lisa Crisman

Sunday, July 21, 2013

VL's Artist of the Day - Oregon Artist, Melody Cleary

© Water's Edge By Melody Cleary

© Ripples #3 By Melody Cleary

© N. Fork Silver Creek By Melody Cleary

"I convey, through my art, my emotional response to color, texture and design in nature". - Melody Cleary

Saturday, July 20, 2013

VL's Artist of The Day is Leigh Campion

© Untitled 1 Cape Cod By Leigh Campion

© Northside Sunset By Leigh Campion

© SFXP III By Leigh Campion

I believe in the “less is more”, minimalist approach. I try to create uncluttered compositions, ones that force the viewer to slow down and gaze at the art.                        - Leigh Campion

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Visual Language Artist of the Day Artspan Artist Kathy O'Leary

© Afternoon Shadows by Kathy O'Leary

© Evening Surf by Kathy O'Leary

© Tomales Bay Light by Kathy O'Leary

© Morning At Zion by Kathy O'Leary

"Painting beauty is the theme of all my work."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

VL Artist of the Day Texas Artist Barbara Jones

© Granny's Mixing Bowl by Barbara Jones

© The Good Feelings of Pottery by Barbara Jones

© Copper Measures by Barbara Jones

© Copper Lanterns and Blue Willow by Barbara Jones

The beauty of the ordinary is what I try to capture in my paintings. We are surrounded by unlimited opportunities to share with others the unique qualities of color, light and form that are part of our everyday lives. Too often we overlook the simple beauty of God's creations or pass them by. Whether it's the quiet glow of a sunlit morning, the softness of a cloudy afternoon or the interplay of colors and form in a still life arrangement--I try to capture in my paintings the unique light and atmosphere of my subjects.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day, Carol Jo Smidt

© Gus by Carol Jo Smidt

© Kit Kat by Carol Jo Smidt

© Sundown by Carol Jo Smidt

© Trio by Carol Jo Smidt
"My Paintings are a result of a thoughtful ongoing, creative and intuitive process. Creating Art is a spiritual journey. It is somewhat of a surprise where a painting will lead me. I find that my paintings are more vivid and saturated than real life. I see color in a subject and intensify those hues in a painting. One of my goals it to bring honor and respect to the subjects I paint. As a creator of art, I want the viewer to have a positive connection with my paintings." Carol Jo

Monday, July 15, 2013

Artspan VL Magazine Artist of the Day, Maritime Artist David Terrar

© Two Crab Boats, Hoopers Island by David Terrar

© Ran er Aground by David Terrar
© Working for a Living, Tilghman Island by David Terrar

© Snowy Woods by David Terrar

A few years ago, David Terrar had a heart attack.  While in the hospital at Washington Hospital Center,  the medical team kept referring to his "Golden Hour."  It was a polite way of referring to the last hour of a person's life.  During the recovery and rest from 14 hour work days, "The Golden Hour" caused him to observe the last hour of day light and how the colors change and shift into a golden glow as the sun is low on the western horizon.  He was challenged to imitate the golden glow in oil paintings and by using real gold (23K).  It is a unique technique as the gold has a way to mentally 
engage the viewer.