Saturday, February 28, 2015

Logan Bauer is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© On The Bart In Oakland By Logan Bauer

© Sun Block By Logan Bauer

© Wading At The Beach By Logan Bauer


Friday, February 27, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is John Whitton Bria

© The Reservation, A #25 By John Whitton Bria

© The Whitton's Toaster By John Whitton Bria

© Oranges On The Loose By John Whitton Bria

"Crashing against the rocks, the wave rises up in a fan of spray.  I take a quick step back and lower my brush.  Out of range of the wave, I will stay dry.  I am in the calm of my studio, but I want the painting on my easel to evoke the live energy of the event. 

Landscape painters often depict the lay of the land in a broad view.  With my current work, I narrow the field of vision.  Taking the focus of the eye's direct gaze, I put the viewer right in the thick of it whether the subject is the raw beauty of a Pacific wave, the remoteness of an Adirondack summit, or the serenity of local fields and a small nearby pond.

Calling myself a painterly realist, I keep the architecture of the landscape absolutely accurate and recognizable, but use my paint with a free hand, because for me, the thrill of painting is about the paint. " - John Whitton Bira

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Connie Chadwell is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© A Little Snooze By Connie Chadwell 

© Livy On A Sofa By Connie Chadwell 

© The Seated Model By Connie Chadwell 

"I have always loved to draw the face and figure. If I'm not actually drawing from the posed model or sketching people going about their everyday lives, I'm probably thinking about it. I seldom miss an opportunity to draw or paint from life and I strive every day to capture not just a likeness of my subjects, but also the more elusive qualities of spirit, mood and emotion. "

- Connie Chadwell

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Michal Ashkenasi is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Blue Hill By Michal Ashkenasi

© I Want To Belong By Michal Ashkenasi

© Landscape By Michal Ashkenasi

"My work is the result of imagination and nature. The style is minimalistic, abstract-figurative and has sometimes a touch of surrealism. Although the colours and the contrasts are strong , there is still a harmonic oneness."
-Michal Ashkenasi

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Sheri Jones

© Art Gallery By Sheri Jones

© Spring Scene By Sheri Jones

© September Morning By Sheri Jones

"Painting in the great outdoors creates an excitement within me that results in a fun dance with the brush or palette knife.  Creating still lifes in the studio gives me control over color, shape, form and design.  My result is an explosion of color and energy. It's an exhilarating and challenging adventure. I am inspired with the process and my gratitude to God for the artistic drive he has given me." 

 -Sheri Jones

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lisa Crisman is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Over The Rainbow By Lisa Crisman

© The Backyard By Lisa Crisman

© The Ruby Slippers By Lisa Crisman

"I live and breath art, and dream about it when  I'm supposed to be sleeping." - Lisa Crisman

Sunday, February 22, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Laurie Pace

© Horse 34 Catching Up By Laurie Pace

© Summer Sun Watering Hole By Laurie Pace

© Cut Away Under The Moon By Laurie Pace

"Transforming energy into what matters... with the spirit of the paint."
- Laurie Pace

Saturday, February 21, 2015

VL Rees is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© One Of A Kind By VL Rees

© Summer By VL Rees

© Morning, Sunshine By VL Rees

V. L. Rees is best known for contemporary realism executed in oils.  However, on hot summer afternoons, she has been known to give in to the abstract.

She draws inspiration from her appreciation of the beauty found in the everyday.  Unusual angles, dramatic lighting, and nature's intricacies all capture her attention.

Friday, February 20, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Jonelle McCoy

© Swing By Jonelle McCoy

© The SkyBy By Jonelle McCoy

© A Fresh StHeart By Jonelle McCoy

" I thank my great granddaddy for passing on the artistic genes to me; he is my guardian angel. His plain gray easel, spotted with his past smears, dots of painting, and little holes from pinning his reference materials to it is what I use; it makes me feel close to him. I still have some of his brushes, well-used, worn-out nubs that they are. One of my prized possessions is his pencil self- portrait. His favorite story told over and over when we visited him was about Van Gogh."- Jonelle McCoy

Thursday, February 19, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Bob Coonts

© Glory By Bob Coonts

© Maurice By Bob Coonts

© Sugar By Bob Coonts

"Colors, as used by the Fauvists, the challenge of composition and the excitement of discovery impact my work and style.  Animals, plants, landscapes and people provide a wealth of subject matter.  Combining a sense of warmth, graceful movements and detail give release to a style bordering on abstract by reflecting a true image." 

- Bob Coonts

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Roseanne Snyder

© Forest Reflections By Roseanne Snyder

© Population Explosion By Roseanne Snyder

© Mountain Wildflowers By Roseanne Snyder

"I returned to painting and found that it is very relaxing as long as everything goes right. I love abstract art and play with it's colors all the time." - Roseanne Snyder

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Richard Levine

© Land Form, Utah By Richard Levine

© Morning At The Edge Of The Sea By Richard Levine

© An Artist's Retreat, Santa Fe By Richard Levine

"I like to paint in places where the weather, the traditions and the geography still dominate;  where these elements identify and characterize a locale.  Where I can still connect to what has gone before and one feels an authentic "sense of place"."
- Richard Levine

Monday, February 16, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Lelija Roy

© Mountain Marshlands By Lelija Roy

© Sunrise Promise By Lelija Roy

© Wildflower Ride By Lelija Roy

Each piece expresses unique rhythms and textures of the living earth. Lelija seeks out the interconnectedness of organic and inorganic elements. These glimpses encompass: the hazy light of early morning, the wind in an aspen grove, the silent struggle of a pinion pine on a canyon wall or the rush of the waterfall.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Carol Jo Smidt is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© The Guardian By Carol Jo Smidt

© Win Place Show By Carol Jo Smidt

© Zebra Blues By Carol Jo Smidt

"My paintings are a result of a thoughtful, ongoing, creative and intuitive process. Creating art is a spiritual journey. It is somewhat of a surprise where a painting will lead me. I find that my paintings are more vivid and saturated than real life. I see color in a subject and intensify those hues in a painting. One of my goals is to bring honor and respect to the subjects that I paint. As a creator of art, I want the viewer to have a positive connection with my paintings." Carol Jo Smidt

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Barbara Haviland is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Old Blue Truck By Barbara Haviland

© Strawberries In A Glass Jar By Barbara Haviland

© Roses and Roses By Barbara Haviland

"I am mostly a self-taught, raw artist who draws inspiration from the world around me.  I love taking workshops to further my learning.  You can never cease to learn something new.  I usually paint from my photos.  I love bright, bold, rich colors.  I feel satisfied when someone can see the love I have put into the piece that I have created whether it is a landscape, a floral, a portrait, or a seascape. At this stage in my art career, I enjoy painting in Plein Air.  It is both exciting and frustrating.  Light changes, and shadows move, but I love it!  A paint brush is my favorite tool.  You can just about do anything with a brush and some paint.  Painting brings out my passion.  It is like reading a book; you can go anywhere.  It is my escape.  The problems of the world fade away.  For a few moments, it is just me and the canvas.  I feel as though I am meant to create art.  GOD has blessed me in this way." - Barbara Haviland

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sanda Manuila is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Dismay By Sanda Manuila

© Hot Vision By Sanda Manuila

© Looking Through The Heat By Sanda Manuila

"In my work, I aim to seize the paradox of the union of opposites, in particular the polar tension between life and death.  Nature's time is not linear, but rather cyclic, what happened once is destined to occur again.  Death is end, but also beginning.  The distant past is present in every moment, and the future has already happened.  Rather than progression, it is repetition, like a Monarch butterfly, ending at the beginning.  It happens in the place where the grape vine dies, pulled out, to be replanted in the spring.  

In order to represent the connection between reality and illusion, I focus my emotions and thoughts to construct meaning, applying oil paint and glazes layer after layer, adding impressions of light.  I create inner landscapes from which exhude a metaphorical quality."

 -Sanda Manuila

Thursday, February 12, 2015

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Eric Bodtker

© Looking Towards Di Rosa By Eric Bodtker

© When We Walked In Fields Of Gold By Eric Bodtker

© Tahoe  By Eric Bodtker

Eric believes art creates the atmosphere in the home or any space. It can make good times better or sad times more bearable. Eric's brilliant colors define a living space in a profound way. Collectors have often described their rooms where his art resides as more bright, positive, and happy.