Monday, September 30, 2013

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Shirley Anderson

© Mountain View By Shirley Anderson

© Splash! By Shirley Anderson

© Michigan Morning By Shirley Anderson

"Some would say that artists must give up the “arts scene” to live in an out-of-the-way place with the natural beauty that we enjoy. But I say, not so. We have it all here - nature’s beauty, a climate conducive to plein air painting, and a healthy focus on art education. It doesn’t get any better than this." - Shirley Anderson

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sallie-Anne Swift is VL Magazine's Artist of the Day

© Pushing Boundaries By Sallie-Anne Swift

© The Perfect Pear By Sallie-Anne Swift

© Turning Point By Sallie-Anne Swift

With a keen awareness of her environment, her great love of nature, wildlife and music, Sallie-Anne's work reflects our extraordinary environment. Clever use of mixed media and texture convey an immediate message and feeling. Bold brush strokes that are harmonious and well balanced, her work speaks for itself in strength, color and vitality.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day is Warren Osburn

© Early Light By Warren Osburn

© Snow Birds Arriving at Los Ojos By Warren Osburn

© Vincent and Flowers By Warren Osburn

 Warren Osburn has won awards in a variety of mediums including bronze sculpture, oil painting, watercolors, pencil drawing, scratchboard, and pastel.  His favorite medium is oil and his favorite subjects are located in Northern New Mexico and other southwestern states.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Moses Provencio is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© Mountain Stream By Moses Provencio

© Where Lovers Meet By Moses Provencio

© Arizona Moonlight By Moses Provencio

"Every human being is an artist. As a creative extension of the great Creator, the original artist with all the colors of the rainbow and his paint brush full of glory, we all see the beauty of nature and the work of his hands. The artist like the creator, steps back from his masterpiece and is good! Create! " - Moses Provencio

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nocona Burgess is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© Full Moon - Ghost Dog By Nocona Burgess

© Iron Scare In Red By Nocona Burgess

© Black Hat - Ute By Nocona Burgess

"I paint from historical photos of Native Americans; I’ve always had a passion for history. I grew up learning the history of my Comanche and Kiowa people. I was also encouraged to read and to find out more on my own. This was combined with my love of art. I started making art as soon as I could pick up a crayon. I recently was given a box of my drawings from my mother. These were from when I was around 3-4 years old: of course, they were Indians.  I’ve always wanted to tell a bit of a story of their lives. These were people; human beings that lived loved and fought. I never wanted my paintings to be just “Indian in a Blanket” type of art. I wanted people to see them and their story and histories and beauty and people. I try to avoid the stereotype or cultural cliché’s.  I’ve just always had a passion for those images and their stories." - Nocona Burgess

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

D. Louise is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© Old Street By D. Louise
© Petronas Towers By D. Louise

© Proposal Day By D. Louise

"Be not afraid of ruining the canvas with paint, but of the canvas remaining void of life" - D. Louise

"By following your passion you will find your success" - D. Louise

"In life the artist promotes his art... In death his art promotes the artist" - D. Louise

Monday, September 23, 2013

Valerie Travers is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© And The Sky Fell By Valerie Travers

© End Of A Perfect Day By Valerie Travers

© Ancient By Valerie Travers
"Painting is a huge part of my life and I try to work several hours each day. Surrounded by sea it is natural to be influenced and inspired by such changing beauty and this I try to capture in my work.  I paint in oil, acrylic, pastel and mixed media and my subjects vary according to my passion at the time. However, I am particularly drawn to seascapes and skies as they have moved me for as long as I can remember. Creativity is a wonderful gift which I use in many ways, but art is very close to my heart and something I could not live without. " - Valerie Travers

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kasha Ritter is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Eye C U. By Kasha Ritter
© Bet On It. By Kasha Ritter

© Colliding Galaxies By Kasha Ritter

"What inspires you?" A question an artist hears often.
A valid question for people want to know 
before they buy your work and invest in you. 
My first thought is LIFE! Then I realize that is too easy an answer. I look at each painting and try to recall what I was feeling with each one. Then I snicker.  Laughter...Laughter inspires me. Not a chuckle but a snort. The kind of laughter that pierces a face and takes you out of control with sheer joy.
The joy we dream about finding again. The joy we held hands with when we were young. " - Kasha Ritter

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day is Judy Osburn

© Early Morning Practice By Judy Osburn

© Walls That Talk By Judy Osburn

© Red and Gold By Judy Osburn

Animals have been a large part of Judy's life since early childhood.  The southwestern environment, her love of animals, and art seemed to be the perfect ingredients that have led to her success.  This combination has opened many illustration opportunities Including co-illustration of the 1982 Western Heritage Award winning book, "Saddles", the watercolor cover illustration of the special All American Futurity Issue of "Speedhorse" magazine and the cover of the University of Oklahoma Press' book, "The Quarter Running Horse," cover and article illustration for "Outdoor Oklahoma" magazine.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day is Joe Belt

© Land Of Cotton By Joe Belt

© Ghost-Of-The-Wolf By Joe Belt 

© Morning Dancer By Joe Belt


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day is Scott Worden

© Little Red Truck By Scott Worden

© Morning Walk By Scott Worden
© Chrystal Vision By Scott Worden

“I hope my paintings reveal the beauty of the Northwest to people who have never had the opportunity to see for themselves.  Back when I was pin-striping cars I noticed I loved the look of color on a black background. The void of a black canvas creates a contrast intensifying any color – a trait that can’t be duplicated using common white backgrounds.” - Scott Worden

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sandy Coulter is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Wagon Wheel By Sandy Coulter

© Sunset By Sandy Coulter

© Lillies In Painted Pitcher By Sandy Coulter

"My favorite subject is flowers and I enjoy using bright colors when depicting them.  The process of painting flowers gives me an uplifted feeling, which I hope is transferred to the viewer the same way receiving flowers makes one happy." - Sandy Coulter

Monday, September 16, 2013

Michael Maron is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© The Lobsterman's Truck By Michael Maron

© Maggie's Toys By Michael Maron

© Tulips At Danforth Road By Michael Maron

"I first started my painting career as a ten-year old in the 1950’s when I took watercolor lessons from Marvin Saltzman.  A gradually developing (and undiagnosed until some years later) case of nearsightedness however diminished my interest.  (How can you paint something that you can’t see clearly?)  By the time I was outfitted with glasses, I was on my way to a career in science.  For thirty years, I taught medical students how their lungs worked and did research in pulmonary physiology and pathophysiology at the Northeastern Ohio Medical University.  Some fifty years after my first lessons, my wife Dawn and artist Joye Moon, convinced me to pick up a paintbrush again.  Along the way, I have been privileged to learn from Joye, Judith Kinsman, Dennis Rafferty, Guy Corriero, Russel Whitten, and of course my immensely talented wife."
- Michael Maron

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jonelle McCoy is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Zero To 60 By Jonelle McCoy

© Jewel By Jonelle McCoy

© Lady C Salutes By Jonelle McCoy
" I thank my great granddaddy for passing on the artistic genes to me; he is my guardian angel. His plain gray easel, spotted with his past smears, dots of painting, and little holes from pinning his reference materials to it is what I use; it makes me feel close to him. I still have some of his brushes, well-used, worn-out nubs that they are. One of my prized possessions is his pencil self- portrait. His favorite story told over and over when we visited him was about Van Gogh."
- Jonelle McCoy

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Karla Smith is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© Alert Arabians By Karla Smith

© Amazon Beauty 2 By Karla Smith

© Wild Beauty By Karla Smith

 "My passion for fine art and painting has been my personal goal. Art is a never ending process of learning and pushing forward. I enjoy thinking of ideas and then seeing how they form in a painting. One of the things I love so much about art is the continued learning process. There isn’t an end point – just keep moving forward! Plus with my love of nature this gives me the ability to show my dedication and respect for nature thru art. " 
- Karla Smith

Friday, September 13, 2013

Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day is Caroline Ratliff

© View From The Bridge By Caroline Ratliff

© Cocodrie Shrimper By Caroline Ratliff

© Cascade By Caroline Ratliff

"Painting is my passion and joy, filling an inner need to produce something of beauty. My paintings are an extension of the way I connect emotionally with nature. Painting  from life gives me the opportunity to see the nuances of color and light and a sense of the location." - Caroline Ratliff

Thursday, September 12, 2013

David Yapp is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Baker Beach Sunset By David Yapp

© Caples Lake By David Yapp

© Cypress Trees In The Dell By David Yapp
"I grew up in rural southern England. My youth was spent exploring and observing nature and the changing scenery, seasons and weather patterns of my home county of Wiltshire. The landscapes and towns of the county are rich in history and have fed the artistic hearts and minds of artists and writers such as Sir John Constable, J. M. W. Turner and Thomas Hardy.  Since moving to California in 2001, I predominantly paint plein air, directly on location, working in oils.Through the use of distinctive brushwork that varies from thin passages of color to thick impasto, I aim to capture the essence of the subject and my emotional response to it." - David Yapp