Sunday, June 30, 2013

Victoria Pendragon Artspan VL Artist of the Day

© Integrating into the Day by Victoria Pendragon  12 x 12

© A Comfortable Bliss by Victoria Pendragon  12 x 12

© Eternal Commitment by Victoria Pendragon  12 x 12

© Sun Goddess by Victoria Pendragon  12 x 12

The media I have chosen as an artist is somewhat challenging fo rme as my own standards require a certain level of precision and my hands, slightly bent inward from progressive systemic sclerosis, are not the most precise of tools. Just picking up a piece of paper involves what feels like more work than it ought. I use a hemostat or two for placing smaller pieces, and there are always lots of smaller pieces. 

© The Peace the World Desires  V Pendragon

I use pins and toothpicks and whatever might be handy for finer stand-ins and I ruin more things than I'd like to. But it's marvelous. I have found my niche, reflecting feelings through my art.

Victoria Pendragon

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