Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gail Faulkner is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© American Spring By Gail Faulkner

© Lemon Yellow By Gail Faulkner

© Red Ruffles By Gail Faulkner

"Art has always played a role in my life in some capacity, but it wasn't until recent years that I've been able to fully devote myselft to my painting. I picked up a watercolor brush and never put it down. 
I love the challenge of detail and realism, and enjoy painting the things that surround me in my life and in nature. My paintings have been described as vibrant and having depth. My goal has never 
been to make a statement with my art, but simply to paint objects that I find beautiful and that will give my viewers the same pleasure."
Gail Faulkner

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