Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alejandro Castanon is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Willie By Alejandro Castanon

© Electric Lady By Alejandro Castanon

© Breakfast At Tiffany's By Alejandro Castanon

Born in Torreon, Mexico in 1983 Alejandro soon moved overseas and spent most of his youth in Spain and Germany. His interest in art began at an early age and grew into a passion in his late teens. A self-taught artist he has explored many styles and mediums of art such as realism, abstract and use of graphite and charcoal. After serving eight years in the U.S Air Force he chose to move to San Angelo, TX to be present in his daughter's life. In less than a year he opened the Vino Dipinte Art Gallery and began his artist career.
His current body of work can be described as figurative and explosive with color.

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