Wednesday, April 30, 2014

VL Magazine Artis of the Day is Kit Hevron Mahoney

© Copper Medley By Kit Hevron Mahoney

© Morning In Aries By Kit Hevron Mahoney

© Colorado Gold By Kit Hevron Mahoney

"As an artist I find that my work is ever evolving. It is a continual process of reinventing myself in this rapidly changing world where new ideas and possibilities are constantly flowing in. I began painting in pastels, which allowed me to paint and draw at the same time. From there I moved to oils where I created impressionistic representational imagery with brush and palette knife from images photographed in my many travels. I have now added the expression of abstraction where I play with the elements of color, light, shape and texture and composition. All of my work is a joyous and challenging expression, as it requires the painting to come from within." - Kit Hevron Mahoney

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