Monday, September 29, 2014

VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Cindy Keichinger

©You Can't See Me By Cindy Keichinger

© Goin Courtin By Cindy Keichinger
© Lazy Days By Cindy Keichinger
"I have yet to do a painting that I think exactly measures up to what I was attempting, but what is life with out challenges?  The world is an interesting place, with lots of wonderful things to see and explore; I try to capture this attitude in my work.  There is a definite “nothing ventured nothing gained” approach to how I do things.  Being self taught, has freed me from the “you can’t do this”, or the “you can’t mix that”  that formal training would have given me.  There is a real sence of freedom when I try my hand at another challenge."  - Cindy Keichinger

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