Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Roberta McGowan is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Black Knight By Roberta McGowan

© Grazing By Roberta McGowan

© Sleepyhead By Roberta McGowan
"It's not about the camera or the technology; It's about the fragile whispers of life: Those images that are here and then gone in an instant; The eye that sees them; The visions of the artist; The stories to be told; This is Photography.

The images I create are dynamic and thought provoking. Strong colors and tones reflect the tough and gritty lives of the horses, cowgirls, cowgirls and the West where they live and work. My photographs are made from the perspective of the subjects.

Viewers are an integral part of the artistic process, hopefully connecting with the subjects emotions, and the subjects in turn appear to be responding to the viewers’ reactions.

With a photojournalist eye, my style is powerful yet subtle, I work to savor mystical human and equine connections within this special world. I, too, live in the West that still exists in the high deserts and sweeping grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Thank you for joining me on this visual journey." - Roberta McGowan

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