Sunday, February 8, 2015

Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo is VL Magazine Artist of the Day

© Daisy Dance By Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

© Pug In A Blanket By Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

© Three Faiths By Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

Phyllis believes that her own introduction to sculpture was by design. From her earliest experiences of completing a sculpture, seeing a form emerge from a lump of clay, she has delighted in creating. Out of this personal joy she also senses responsibility, as a sculptor, to create work that adds value to our existence, to evoke a smile, to touch someone’s heart and for a moment to capture his or her emotions. When someone relates to her sculpture from their experience, it gives the work meaning and keeps it alive. Her desire as a sculptor is to be someone who represents goodness in life by creating, teaching, learning, discovering, sharing, and serving.

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