Thursday, January 2, 2014

Alan Soffer is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© Dark Field By Alan Soffer

©Liner II By Alan Soffer

© Blazing Heat By Alan Soffer

Alan Soffer began making sculptural forms in 1973, culminating in a show at the Jewish Museum in Philadelphia in 1985.  Purely by accident he discovered abstract painting that very same year through a workshop at Bennington College, and never looked back.  He has continuously focused his attention on particular areas, such as, "the life cycle", "deconstructions", "ancient healing", and mostly "abstract expressionism." Incorporating his personal photos taken at demolition sites in particular, inspired his paintings and monotypes. Finding order out of chaos is his singular purpose.  Whatever the direction, the work is always influenced by Joseph Campbell, the noted mythologist, who Soffer considers his mentor since the Campbell interviews in 1988 by Bill Moyers.

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