Friday, July 5, 2013

Tom Chesar, Featured Artspan VL Artist of the Day

© Blueberry Preserve by Tom Chesar
© Piano Player by Tom Chesar

© Small Treasures by Tom Chesar

© Three Birds by Tom Chesar

© Bass Player by Tom Chesar

© Banjo Player by Tom Chesar

I mostly work in oil, gouache, casein, acrylic
and egg tempera using a technique of applying many thin layers to achieve a glowing inner light in my paintings.
Inspiration for my paintings come from both internal and external sources.  Scenes from the Delaware Valley and the coast of Maine form the basis for much of my art.  Internal imaging and interpretation, however, are the critical factors which give the paintings a uniquely personal meaning.
Most importantly, I follow the painting wherever it takes me, rather than to force a preconceived idea.  During and after that journey, I will make adjustments that are artistically necessary.

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