Monday, July 15, 2013

Artspan VL Magazine Artist of the Day, Maritime Artist David Terrar

© Two Crab Boats, Hoopers Island by David Terrar

© Ran er Aground by David Terrar
© Working for a Living, Tilghman Island by David Terrar

© Snowy Woods by David Terrar

A few years ago, David Terrar had a heart attack.  While in the hospital at Washington Hospital Center,  the medical team kept referring to his "Golden Hour."  It was a polite way of referring to the last hour of a person's life.  During the recovery and rest from 14 hour work days, "The Golden Hour" caused him to observe the last hour of day light and how the colors change and shift into a golden glow as the sun is low on the western horizon.  He was challenged to imitate the golden glow in oil paintings and by using real gold (23K).  It is a unique technique as the gold has a way to mentally 
engage the viewer.

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