Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Valerie Travers is Visual Language Magazine Artist of the Day

© Gently Breaking By Valerie Travers

© Peace and Quiet By Valerie Travers

© Twilight By Valerie Travers

"Painting is a huge part of my life and I try to work several hours each day. Surrounded by sea it is natural to be influenced and inspired by such changing beauty and this I try to capture in my work.  I paint in oil, acrylic, pastel and mixed media and my subjects vary according to my passion at the time. However, I am particularly drawn to seascapes and skies as they have moved me for as long as I can remember. Creativity is a wonderful gift which I use in many ways, but art is very close to my heart and something I could not live without. " - Valerie Travers

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