Sunday, December 1, 2013

Visual Language Artist of the Day is Judy Mackey

© Light By Judy Mackey

© Wreath With Pears By Judy Mackey
© Night Fall By Judy Mackey
 "I have always been interested in art and took painting lessons as a child growing up in Japan but I entered the world of Fine Art as a Professional Artist in 2005.   I paint mostly with a palette knife, with a heavy build-up of paint which gives my paintings a lot of texture.  I like working with a limited palette of colors using either Ultramarine blue or Prussian blue for my blues, Cadmium yellow light, Cadmium red medium or Alizarin Crimson for my reds, and Titanium white, and occasionally adding Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre and or Magenta. I love being able to mix and derive new colors with the limited palette of colors.   I strive to create beautiful colors and capture the light and shadows along with the textures in every painting.  My painting style is impressionistic with simplicity." - Judy Mackey


  1. Thank you! This is so exciting!!!

  2. Judy is my favorite artist - EVER! Thank you for recognizing and featuring some of her work!

  3. Congrats Judy! Your work is always a joy! :-)